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Nov 8, 2012 5:00am EST
the selling 3 bell even rang.commentssfrom e- c-b president mario draghi putt & investors in a bad mood..e german economyyslowing.for wall street, it's a ign that even tte biggest and strongest 3 the debt crisis.that sent oil priccs in the u-s tumbling nearly 5-percent.but tuesday's presidential ellction -3 certainly wws a factor.the bigg iisue: hho isspressdent obama going to deallwith the bigggst -3 issue facing the u-s economy... the fiscal cliif? patings aggncy fitch fired a - it will downgrade the u-s credit rating if congress does pothing and the economy goes over the one analyst put it today, if therr's no resolution, stocks will plummet and the econnmyywill drown in quicksand.that all senttthe dow tumbling 311- points... the biggest decline - offthe year.we did seeesome individual sectors post big moves... and ii waa a direct results offpresident obama -3 stocks sold off, with j-- morgan chase and bank f americc falling 5-7-percent &peach.the ttinking is that ith &pobama as president, there will & be a ccntinnation of tightt regulation.on
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1